Junked Cars

This is third in our series on some of the City of Houston’s ordinances relevant to home ownership.

Sec. 28-303. – Parking of vehicles prohibited in certain residential areas; application and procedures.

(a) Application of section. This section shall apply to those residential areas designated by ordinance of the city council in accordance with the procedures outlined in this section.

(b) Offense. It shall be an offense for any person to park or to cause, suffer or permit the parking of a vehicle or equipment on any surface that is not an improved surface as defined in this article, within any front or side yard of a single-family residence in a residential area subject to this section. It is presumed that the registered owner of the vehicle or equipment is the person who parked, caused, suffered or permitted the vehicle or equipment to be parked in violation of this article.

SOURCE: https://library.municode.com/tx/houston/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=COOR_CH6ANFO_ARTIINGE_DIV2ANLAIM_S6-3OWREANLA


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