Good Neighbors

Community organizations such as civic associations can be important resources to neighborhoods. Community organizations are potential partners that have a common interest in enabling your community to become better places to live and work. These organizations have a wealth of resources: human (professional or volunteer), fiscal (funds or in-kind services) or physical (buildings or products), that could be tapped to assist your organization reach its goals.

What Can You Do For Your Neighborhood?

The greatest contribution you, as an individual, can make in your neighborhood is to make yourself available. Utilizing your enthusiasm and unique skills for the betterment of your community can be a great personal experience. The amount of time you spend is a very personal decision. However, the old adage that states, “a little bit is better than nothing at all” holds true. Decide how much time you have to give and then set about determining on how best to serve your community.

What Is a Civic Club and What Does it Do?

A civic club or neighborhood association is a group of residents who meet regularly to accomplish goals in their neighborhoods, such as crime prevention or litter control for example. The association may include homeowners and renters, apartment residents, business owners, school and church officials, and members of nonprofit organizations. Depending on the goals of the group, meetings may be held twice a year, once a quarter, or every month.

Civic clubs and neighborhood associations help represent neighborhood residents to elected officials, identify challenges and problems in the neighborhood, support change and improvement efforts, help resolve conflicts, provide volunteers for community projects, and find and get resources to make the neighborhood a better place to live.

It’s important to identify some of the goals a civic club should have for improving the neighborhood it serves.

  1. Helping neighbors get to know each other by holding social events
  2. Making physical improvements such as installing street lights and community signs
  3. Holding regular neighborhood clean-ups
  4. Forming a Crime Watch to reduce crime
  5. Organizing to share opinions with representatives of government

Get Active in Your Civic Club Today!

It’s not too late to start participating and becoming a meaningful force in the neighborhood. Annual dues are a mere $30 per year; the cost of a dinner for two in most Houston-area restaurants. And this covers events and activities for the entire year.


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