Benefits of a Civic Club

You may be asking yourself, why be involved in my civic club? I can think of other things to spend that $30 annual fee on. But think about these issues.

Support with Neighborhood Issues

If you notice something wrong in your neighborhood or if you have a question about plans you intend to carry out on your property, your association is in place to provide support for resolving your issues and answering your questions. Perhaps there been a broken-down vehicle in your neighbor’s driveway for a long time and you aren’t sure what options are available to get it removed. Maybe you’d like to redo your roof but aren’t sure of which shingles are allowed. Whatever your question, your civic club will either have an answer or know how to get the answer to you.

Being a Part of Your Community

By paying your annual civic club dues, you are making yourself an integral part of your community. This means that you have an active voice in actions and can potentially be a part of many positive changes for your community. Want to see more social events in your neighborhood? Volunteer to head up a social committee. Is there one issue that you notice? Notify your management company or speak up at the next Board Meeting. You are a member of your civic club, so be sure to make your voice heard.

Protecting Property Values

When all these other facets are operating optimally, it makes your neighborhood a coveted place to reside, which directly increases your property values. An active civic club with no amenities, deferred maintenance of common areas, rampant violations, and which lacks a sense of community is certainly less desirable than one where all these benefits are available.

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